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“Ngự Yến” Restaurant

It serves customers with royal-themed banquets featuring the Royal Meals of Nguyen Dynasty Kings, restoring the Royal dishes with its ceremonies of the old days Seating Capacity: 60-70

“Kinh Thành” Restaurant

The Restaurant serves Vietnamese, Asian and local cuisines, light snack dishes and of course including an extensive selection of traditional Vietnamese specialties Seating Capacity: 140: Restaurant 120 &Terrace 20

Sunrise Lounge

Offers favorite refreshing cocktails, long drinks and a delightful range of light snacks during the day according to the weather conditions Seating Capacity: 30

“Hương Ngự” Restaurant

The main restaurant serves Vietnamese, Asian and International cuisine in the most elegant of surroundings. It has an amazing breakfast and dinner buffet as well as the fine a-la-carte. Seating Capacity: 150-170

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