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Hue gifts for you

Don't worry about what souvenirs to buy when coming to Hue. The Boutique & Fine Arts souvenir shop located on the hotel’s first floor offers precious souvenirs. You can easily gift your relatives or your friend unique presents, and when they look at it, they will remember who gave it to them and the beloved Hue.

With various gifts such as conical hats, ao dai, and handicraft arts, Thanh Lich Royal Boutique believes that you will choose the most beautiful souvenirs to give to your loved ones.

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As a place to display souvenirs, handicrafts with characteristics of the ancient and Hue specialties as well as traditional Ao dai, you will have interesting gifts for your loved and your friend.

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The beauty of Ao Dai Hue

Many people say that residents of Hue (the old imperial city of Vietnam during 1802-1945), from the members of reputed families to ordinary traders and retailers, are always decent in their speaking and gestures. Wearing an old Ao dai (traditional long dress) torn out with time, or made with luxurious velvet or silk, Hue women always retain their gracefulness and gentleness.

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The charm in each Hue conical hat

The conical hat became an initial part of Vietnamese daily life long ago. Nowadays, you can see the conical everywhere. From urban to rural areas, on the fields full of yellow of ripe rice to small alleys that remain some time-colored. From the use of rain cover for Vietnamese farmers to become a gift that tourists from all over the world give each other when traveling to Vietnam.

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