Thanh Lich Royal Boutique Hotel

Established in 1994, Thanh Lich Royal Boutique is a 4-star international standard hotel located in the downtown of Hue city. It quickly travels to different points of interest combined with a luxurious and modern design. Therefore, we are an ideal destination for you and your family to have a wonderful leisure holiday.



Skin Care Treatments

Service – Experience high-quality service in Hue

With different kinds of services as demand such as Gym, Massage, Sauna, Spa, beauty salon, swimming pool, etc., we are always providing the luxurious and best services for our customer. Besides, you also have a wonderful culinary experience with Asian to European delicacies. Especially the “Royal Banquet” can be performed right at our restaurant. And you – our customer will become “Kings and Queens,” enjoy the royalty banquet.

Skin Care Treatments

General – what made Thanh Lich Royal Boutique?

Built in 1994 and using the beauty of old Imperial Hue as the source of creation, Thanh Lịch Royal Boutique was born. It combines modern and traditional Hue architecture, blending with the tropical region’s new setting. After more than 25 years of establishment and development, Thanh Lịch Royal Boutique reached the 4-star international standard and brought the “Royalty leisure services” to our customers.

Skin Care Treatments

Staff – customer service is a top priority

In order to serve customers the most attentively, Thanh Lich staff are first of all professional and well-trained waiters. With a staff of many years of experience, we are sure to always understand and give you the most wonderful relaxation. The dedication and devotion of the hotel staff will be felt by you from the moment you step into the reception area. Come to Elegant Royal Boutique and feel the sincerity, dedication and enthusiasm that we want to give to you, to each beloved customer!

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